Employer Referrals

"...(Aaron) is one of the most intelligent, analytical writers I have had the pleasure to manage. I highly recommend Mr. Halabe for any communications position and would gladly talk to any potential hiring manager." 

– Al Olson, former Deputy Business Editor, MSNBC  
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"...I felt certain our client’s complicated copy issues would be in good hands. That turned out to be more than true because not only did Aaron deliver a portfolio of targeted messages that was right on strategy, he did so under difficult and ever-changing circumstances."

– Kevin Walker, President, Boardwalk branding agency
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"...Aaron Halabe is a seasoned reporter and writer and I’d strongly recommend him for any editorial positions."

– Chris Stekiewicz, former Managing Editor, Microsoft's intranet portal (MSWeb)
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"Aaron faithfully delivered on his writing commitments, producing informative stories with editorial balance..."

– Brian Donohue, former Managing Editor of Micronews, Microsoft's employee newspaper
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"Thanks again for your effort and quality of work on this project, Aaron. ...It’s been a pleasure working with you."   

– Brian McFaul, Microsoft.com Operations (technical writing assignment)
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Reader Comments

Letter to Editor: Cool Approach to Tinseltown
I really enjoyed the Tight Hollywood Connections Pay Off article. I found it informative and cool. It is always interesting for me (as an engineer) to see how we create marketing relationships to help sell the products and build mindshare. It is refreshing to see that we take a different approach and that it appears to be paying dividends.

– Matt, Games Test Organization

Letter to Editor: HerbiWriter Inspires Us to Go Beyond
HerbiWriter is a great and inspiring story of how we can all go beyond just what our day-to-day jobs are and make even more impact in improving the lives of others. My hat is off to Guy Barker!

– Michael, SMS Xtreme Team

Letter to Editor: Simple Way to Support a Friend
Re: [Aug. 22, A Thousand Cranes for Scott], this was one of the most touching stories published on Inside Track. What a brilliant yet simple way to provide comfort and support to an ill colleague and friend.

– Kris, Microsoft Law and Corporate Affairs

Customer Feedback

Hi Aaron, Just wanted to say thanks again for all your work on the MSNBC.com 10th anniversary story.  It turned out great! Let us know if we can help you again with anything else you might be working on. Thanks! 

 Anne, MSNBC.com

Just a quick note to thank you for pulling together a great article on the Steveb Gulf State event yesterday! With very little time and lots of moving parts, the team was able to craft an article that did a great job focusing on the ultimate goal of our giving: helping real people. ...In the end, the article will help employees to see not only the number of dollars we give, but the lives that are affected.  

– Steve, Microsoft Corporate PR

Wow, this is great. Thanks.  I have done lots of interviews over the years. You captured my intent far better than most. It was a pleasure. 

– Bill Buxton, Microsoft Research